Urbandub : Under Southern Lights

This is the 4th album of my favorite OPM band Urbandub. It has 10 songs.

1. An Invitation
2. Anthem
3. The Fight Is Over
4. Guillotine
5. Cebuana
6. Life is Easy
7. Evidence
8. A Method To Chaos
9. Inside The Mind Of A Killer
10. She Keeps Me Warm

All of their songs are well written. I love the way Gab and Lalai's voice blend together. May favorite track here is "Cebuana". I love this song! I never get tired of listening to it over and over. For me Urbandub is the best rock band here in the Phil. they are very unique and talented. I don't know how the hell Spongecola received the best rock video. They are not a rock band! They are boy bands. The 2007 best male vocalist : Yael Yuzon. C'mon! My dog sings better than him. Anyways, Urbandub has touched my life. They deserve lots of awards this year.

No classes! Holiday! No work!

Below is the list of LEGAL (or Regular) Holidays in the Philippines for the year 2008.

Note that some of the holidays have been moved to Monday as part of the Holiday Economics Policy of President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo as per Republic Act 9242.

January 1 New Year’s Day

Monday, February 25 EDSA Revolution Anniversary

March 20 Maundy Thursday

March 21 Good Friday

Monday, April 7 Araw ng Kagitingan (in lieu of April 9)

Monday, May 5 Labor Day (in lieu of May 1)

Monday, June 16 Independence Day (in lieu of June 12)

Monday, August 25 Ninoy Aquino Day (in lieu of August 21)

August 25 National Heroes Day

October 1 Eid’l Fitr (to be confirmed by the OMA: Office of Muslim Affairs)

November 1 All Saints Day (saturday tsk!)

Monday, December 1 Bonifacio Day (in lieu Nov 30)

Vocal Fold Nodule sucks major ass!

What a valentines day! Instead of thinking about gifts, love and finding a date, I found myself a vocal fold nodule! I'm very stressed out because my band will be performing on Saturday for a valentines day rock concert in Eastwood Libis. How am I suppose to sing and have fun on that day?! My parents will be on that event and I'm sure they will be cheering for me while I sing with a hoarse voice. That sure sucks!

Tounge Twisters

Say this quick.

I am a mother pheasant plucker.
I pluck mother pheasants.
I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker,
to ever pluck a mother pheasant.

Shaq On Phoenix Suns

WTF! Shaq is now on Phoenix Suns. The Suns traded star player Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks. I think this is a good deal for both Miami and Phoenix. Shaq is not in his prime now because he's getting older and facing lots of injuries. But still, he's the diesel! He still can play good. Miami needs a perimeter shooting guy and Shawn Marion is a good pick. Even Miami has Shawn Marion, I don't think they can get to the playoffs. I like Miami but in their standing now? I really don't think they can reach playoffs. For the Suns, now they are more powerful. If Shaq brings his game back, there's no question they can be the new NBA champions.

Xbox 360 Laptop

A guy made a portable Xbox 360 and a portable Xbox 360 Elite. Check out the links below. WOW! I wish to have one of those! http://benheck.com/02-03-2008/xbox-360-elite-laptop#more-346


Is Metal Gear 4 coming to xbox 360?

Metal Gear 4 is coming to the Xbox 360 console! - That's what every Metal Gear fan and Xbox 360 owners are hoping to hear. I'm one of those. I was searching for a MGS4 image on google then I saw this one. A Metal Gear 4 game cover for the Xbox 360 made by a fan boy. Isn't that great?! We all know that Konami said that this game is made only for the PS3 console and I have been reading alot of rumors about this game coming to the Xbox 360. I have read one in XboxFamily. The assistant producer of Metal Gear Solid 4 said this:

"We're telling our fans that if you want to play 'Metal Gear Solid 4', you have to buy a PS3,"Ryan Payton, the assistant producer of the game.

What is their problem? I'm thinking, maybe the owner of Sony has a gay relationship with Hideo Kojima..? Or maybe Sony is paying good money on Konami? C'mon! Bill gates can double that! He's one of the richest gay person in the whole world. Releasing it both on the xbox 360 and the PS3 will make lots of income. But in the PS3 alone? No way! PS3 games are way too expensive than the 360's and every gamer knows that! I'm still hoping that this game will be released on Xbox 360. Rumors or facts It's still nice to hear that this game is coming on our consoles.

Incubus Concert in Manila Araneta Coliseum Seating

The event is getting close. Only 33 days to go and I'm getting stressed out lately, thinking about our seats. Thanks to a good friend at enjoyincubus.com "drive". He managed to make a sketch of the seat plan. Ticketnet told me that the numbering of the seats are from right to left. Yeah! our seats are on PT107 row C seat 10 and 11. That's near enough to have a great view. I hope this one is for real.

Vitamin Beer

If you are looking for an excuse to take a swig, this is it,” said Billy L. Lalang, a filipino who concocted a beer mixed with Vitamin B, to replace this essential vitamin lost when excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed.

Although yet to be marketed, this “prophylactic for drinkers” as the Filipino inventor calls it, has won a gold medal at the European Union-sponsored Genius-Europe competition.

What a great invention! It will be a great excuse for being drunk... in vitamin B. I hope they also put vitamin B for Gin Bulag.