Man on Mars Truth or Ficiton?

Is there a possibility that man can live on Mars? Is it a rock? A martian? Or Osama Bin Laden going to take a pee outside his hole? I have read an article about this image taken by NASA's six wheeled robot named Spirit during it's mission on Mars to study its surface. I really don't think this is for real but who knows? Maybe there is life on Mars.

Incubus live in Manila Street Team Philippines

Calling all Incubus fans! Incubus Street Team Philippines is recruiting Incubus fans around our country. Join us for a chance to meet and greet Incubus. Watch Incubus live in Manila on March 9. 2008. Tickets are still available on ticketnet. Visit or call 911-5555 for ticket information and reservations. Join our group by clicking on this link

Grand Theft Auto 4 release date

Good news for GTA fans! The Grand Theft Auto IV developed by Rockstar games will be available on April 29, 2008 on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Sure this game will be one of the best Rockstar games ever made. I'll be waiting for this one! For more infos. visit --

Incubus live in Manila update

There will be a front act on the Incubus concert here in Manila. The band will be Up Dharma Down. MTV Philippines will be hosting this event. I signed up on and read some infos there. Wow! Up Dharma down is so lucky to be playing with this guys. I'm still looking forward for the meet and greet.

Incubus live in Hongkong

After the Incubus live in Manila, next is Incubus live in Hong Kong. March 10, 2008 at Star Hall. But anyways, that's very tiring! Lets say they will be performing 3-4 hours here and after the event with so little time for rest, they will be performing again. They are Incredible! Incubus, really is a great band with very talented musicians. I wish I could go on every event they have. For Infos. visit this site.

Looking for Sony CyberShot Digital Cameras

Our summer outing i is getting near. The tentative month is on March yet there is still no assurance on where the vacation will be held. Since we are going on a trip, I'm thinking of havinga digital camera. Right now, I'm keeping an eye on this two. The Sony CyberShot W120 digital camera which has a wider 3-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus screen for easy playback viewing and menu navigation. The Sony CyberShot DSC-H10 digital camera has a powerful lens and a long-range flash to help you capture details from afar. The Sony CyberShot W120 digital amera has an HD output and a new technology from Sony, the Smile Shutter. It waits until the person smiles before firing the shutter to ensure happy faces in every picture. A new Smile Level setting will let you tune the threshold before a picture’s taken, from a gentle smile to a huge one.

Incubus Street Team Poster

One of our members in Street Team Incubus Philippines. has made a very nice poster for the upcoming Incubus concert here in Manila. Incubus Live in Manila Poster. Anna, I have to say.. your good. Everyone likes it, even Sony will like it. I think we all should make one. Hehe! I hope all of our efforts will get us to meet and greet Incubus. Our team is now recruiting more incubus fans here in the Philippines. If your one of us, join us. Here's the link.

or You can find us here

Incubus Lyrics : Anna Molly

What is your most favorite song of Incubus? For me, Anna Molly is one of my favorites. It's poetic and very deep. Some people pronounce it anomaly. I think Anna Molly is another way of saying anomaly meaning something odd, a strange condition or situation. For me, my interpretation of this song is he's wondering if the right woman for him really exists. He's thinking about his ideal girl does really exists, which it doesn't is an anomaly. I don't know but that's my interpretation. Here's the lyrics:

A cloud hangs over this city by the sea,
I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be, (might be)
Out there and sober as well from loneliness,
Please do persist girl it's time we met and made a mess

I picture your face at the back of my eyes,
A fire in the attic, proof of the prize!
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly,

A cloud hangs over and mutes my happiness,
A thousand ships couldn't sail me back from distress, (distress)
Wish you were here, I'm a wounded satellite,
I need you now, put me back together, make me right

I picture your face at the back of my eyes,
A fire in the attic, proof of the prize!
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly,
I'm calling your name up into the air,
Not one of the others could ever compare,
Anna Molly, Anna Molly!

Wait... there is a light... there is a fire...
Illuminated attic,
Fate? Or something better? I couldn't care less,
Just stay with me a while,
Wait... there is a light... there is a fire,
Defragmenting the attic,
Fate? Or something better? I couldn't care less,
Just stay with me a while

I picture your face at the back of my eyes,
A fire in the attic, proof of the prize!
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly,
I'm calling your name up into the air,
Not one of the others could ever compare,
Anna Molly, Anna Molly!

Wait... there is a light... there is a fire
Defragmenting the attic, (Anna Molly!)
Fate? Or something better? I could care less,
Just stay with me a while (Anna Molly!)

Incubus Street team Philippines

Guys, join this team for the up coming event on March 9, 2008 at Araneta Coliseum. Incubus live in Manila! Yeah! There's no guarantee that there will be a meet and greet, prizes, freebies and stuff but this team is here for the love of Incubus! Yeah! You can find us at Meet you there guys! Here's the link to join the group.


Is Nyko intercooler EX worth buying?

A lot of xbox 360 owners nowadays are getting stressed out thinking they might be the next victim of the technical problems that the xbox 360 console are now facing. The overheating problems and the dreaded 3 red lights of death are in the top list of those. At $19.99, the Nyko Intercooler Ex, provides increased air flow away from the 360 which allows the console to perform without having too much heat. It's ideal on areas which doesn't have taht much breathing space for your xbox 360. A pass through power connection utilizes the existing Xbox 360 power supply negating the need for an extra AC adaptor. The unit also powers on and off automatically with 360 and the intercoolers small size will fit in tight spaces like entertainment centers with your 360 displayed in either horizontal or vertical format. But I have read about rumors about not getting this. They say it will only cause some major problems on your xbox 360 like burning, melting and receiving the RROD(red rings of death). Some say, this new product of Nyko is the best intercooler ever made to help you cool down your Xbox 360 during hours of play. Very confusing isn't it? The question is, is it worth buying? If you're having troubles deciding whether you should buy this (like me) or have your own cheap way of cooling down your xbox 360, I say if you got the money and you have gathered lots of good information about this and you think it can help, then go. And if you're having doubts because you think your console is better without it, then do the cheap way of cooling down your xbox 360. Place it on a well ventilated area and have your xbox 360 a rest after 2-3 hours of playing.

Movies Online

You want to watch movies on-line? Visit this site, You can watch and download movies of your choice. Some of the videos are not a good quality. Specially the new ones. But it's still worth watching. :)

Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock

I have played this game but only on a demo. It's like playing dance dance revolution but way better. It has lots of great rock music like the music of Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath. I have read an article about the game series earning about $1 billion. Wow! This third title did so well, it was on the top games of 2007. I don't have this game yet but I'm gonna buy this one for the Xbox 360. For the review of this game visit this link -;review

AdSense for Bloggers and Making Money Online

I've been dreaming about making money online, but after what I have read at kuya marghil's site... I think he's right. Google adsense is not for everybody. My site has nothing to do with making money or getting fame. I guess I'll just write things down here even it would make sense or not. Seeing people visiting my blog is enough for me. I'll just post anything I want and read it over and over. If I have something to say..I'll just say it here. Thanks kuya marghil! I'll be setting the adsense thing aside for now. :) I'll be reading the e-book you gave me.

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Of Death

The 3 red lights of doom, 3 red lights of death, 3 rings of death, ring of death- The fear of every xbox 360 owner. Yesterday my friend's xbox 360 died. Cause of death? the 3 red lights, which indicates "general hardware failure". It's very stressful to think that my xbox 360 will have the same fate. Right now I'm thinking of buying a Nyko Intercooler or a Pelican Fan.

Renaldo Lapuz

Does anyone of you know this guy? He's a filipino who auditioned for American Idol and was eliminated last night. I saw he's performance on youtube and all I can say is... Just watch the video... Reynaldo we are proud of you! YEAH!!! haha..

Incubus live in Manila tickets

Yeah!! After a long long wait! I finally have the tickets! I bought it yesterday at SM. Section p107, Row C seat 10 and 11. Wahh! What are you waiting for guys? There's only few left on the patron and VIP section! You can get your tickets on any SM branch. Reserve your tickets here Also check the events on See you there! Ohhh yeah! Incubus! Incubus!

Incubus live in manila VIP tickets

The VIP tickets for the Incubus concert here in Manila are now available. Starting at the third row. I just called ticket net and asked if there are still available seats for the VIP. Guess what?? It's now full. I have 4 reservations!! non of them are in the VIP..I'm still having trouble deciding on what seats to take. Tsk! For infos. visit and

Incubus Live in Manila Concert Ticket Reservation

Wahahaha! I already reserved 2 tickets for incubus concert! P7,896 whew! That's expensive! But I'm pretty sure it's worth it! I love Incubus!!! Reserve your tickets now at

Maroon 5 live in Manila Philippines

I'm not a fan of Maroon 5. But anyways, they will be having a concert here in Manila, March 5, 2008. Like the Incubus, they will be playing at the Araneta Coliseum. For ticket infos, visit ticketnet

Macbook Air in the Philippines?

Macbook Air. At 0.76 inches thick it's the world's thinnest laptop ever made. However this beauty is not yet available here in the Philippines. Damn! All we can do now is wait. Here's the macbook air specs...

Technical specs

• .16 to .75-inch thickness on top
• 12.8 x 8.94 inches
• 3 pounds
• 5 hours of battery life with everything running

• Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 1.6 or 1.8GHz, motherboard the length of a pencil.
• 800MHz frontside bus.
• 2GB RAM 667MHz DDR2 standard.

• 13.3-inch screen, LED backlit.
• 1,280 x 800 pixels
• Micro-DVI adapter (for DVI, VGA, composite and S-Video output)
• Intel GMA X3100 Graphics processor with 144MB RAM shared

• 1.8-inch 80GB HD or 64GB Solid State Drive (no moving pieces, but for a stunning $1,300 price increase!)
• Multitouch trackpad with gestures. Pans, zooms, rotates, etc.
• 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1.
• Optional external HD for $99, USB-bus powered.
• Full backlit keyboard.
• One USB 2.0, one audio port, one Micro-DVI

- Apple -

Incubus concert update

Wahhhh! It's getting close! I can feel it! I need those damn tickets! I need the front seats! I want it now. I can't wait for this. I'm already having butterflies in my stomach. Sakit sa tyan! Haha! I Just called ticketnet and they told me that they don't have the tickets yet! Tsk! Last time they sold it 2k to 3k plus... I hope this time it's still affordable. Incubus! Incubus! Incubus!

Singaw! (Canker Sores), Sore throat

Canker sores and sore throat sucks ass! Last day it was very small and can be tolerated. But when I woke up this morning, it has gotten large and my throat begun to ache. I was eating a cracker then suddenly it bumped on it. The pain was very extreme I almost wet my pants... Because at that time I was watching a video on youtube and I wanted to finish it before I go to the restroom. i hate it when this shit happens to me.

Seagull stealing dorrtos

I saw this on the net. This happened on September of 2007. A seagull stealing a bag of Doritos from a store in Scotland. I don't see my cat and dog doing this. But a seagull?? The seagull is said to be doing this on a regular basis. The customers begun paying for the stolen bags of chips whenever they see this seagull doing this because they think it's funny. This fearless shoplifting seagull is one bad ass bird! This is also on YouTube. try checking it out. hehe..

The Sky Angel Cowboy

I was surfing the net for rumors,fictions and stuff. Then I ran across the truth or fiction site. There, I have read a rumor about the "The Boy who is older than his years" - Logan. The rumor is about a young boy named Logan calling to a Christian radio station about a calf that he had to put down himself and how sad he was to lose it. Then during the phone call, he put a spiritual application on what he had experienced and he wants the public to know it. I have heard the phone call on the KSBJ(radio station) blog. After that, I have realized so many things. It's very touching and inspiring. I want to share it with you guys so I posted it here in my blog. I hope this inspires you all.

RayBan Clubmaster and Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty

I've been searching for one of these stuffs for a long time. A vintage Ray Ban Club master and a Chuck Taylor Hi-top all black leather! whew..If you guys happen to find one of these here in Manila, let me know. Leave a comment. :)

Bill Gates Announces Retirement

I saw this video on You Tube. Bill Gates announces his retirement from Microsoft. It's scripted but it's worth the watch. Check it out.
Bill Gates is Gay!!!

Transformers 2

Great news for old and new Transformers fans. Michael Bay has confirmed that there's a possibility that the Diobots and Constructicons will be appearing on the upcoming movie. Dinobots are a group of robots within the Autobots faction that are made up of five robots, who each transforms into a huge dinosaur robot. Constructicons are goup of robots when transformed, they became a huge decepticon - Devastator. If you go to this website and enter code "codeblack" you'll get to see Grim Lock(N.B.E. 08 file) in his t-rex form. (click on the red hard drive). I bet transormers 2 will be a big hit with those new entries. I can't wait!

Summer Outing!

We just found out that we are going to have a summer outing this coming march! (pls not on march 9) But they still haven't decided where to go. Our boss let us suggest on places. Hmmm for me Palawan is my first pick second is Pagudpod and lastly Puerto gallera. I hope it's ok for the"Big Bosses" to go on hours of traveling. Because after those long hours, boom! You want paradise? Here you go. Man, I'd love it if they decided to go there. It would be an unforgettable experience.

(Pic on the left El Nido Palawan Resort)


You know Java... I really like you. I really do. I hope someday you'll like me too. This is indeed a great day! I am now a member of the tech support team here in the office! Tiger, Me, Bryan and Kuya Marhgil. I love my work. :) Thank you.. thank you.. thank you. I'll do my best. Go chick support! ahmmm tech support! hehe.

INCUBUS live in Manila March 09, 2008

live in manila part 2! yeah!!! I've been listening to this guys since their 2nd albun S.C.I.E.N.C.E. All of their songs are incredible especially the lyrics, Boyd is a genious. I hope I could get the front seats. But then again, mga artista at anak ng mga pulitikong gago ang may karapatan lng umupo sa harap. Hoping will only get me frustrated. I can't miss this one! I was there when they got here the first time. I hope this won't be the last. I can't wait! For those who doesn't know about this, here's the link

It's monday!

First day of the week! Again, I'm late. The lrt is starting to piss me off. Why don't they just replace all those old trains with new ones? They always get stuck and its the reason why I'm always late.. thanks to a crazy indian video on youtube sent to me by an officemate. Hehe it made my morning. Here's the link